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About Us

Hellllooo beautiful friends! Welcome to the Blue Rose Boutique! We are Brooke Seals and Elyssa Whitworth and we are the two chaos coordinators that run this crazy club. We are located in Van Buren, Arkansas!

Brooke is a Jesus lover, Wife to Warren, Boy Momma, and lover of all things fashion. She is a full-time math teacher, working with troubled youth in the state of Arkansas, and loves {almost} every minute of it! :) She is passionate about Down Syndrome Awareness, loving people, and spending time with her family. Brooke started this group several years ago when she was with a direct sales company but felt a new longing in late 2019 to write a new story with this boutique. The Lord began stirring on both Elyssa and Brooke’s heart to join forces to write the new story of the Blue Rose Boutique together and so the journey began!

Elyssa is a follower of Jesus, Wife to Bradley, Girl Momma, foster mom, and lover of people. She is a full-time mom and foster with more jobs than anyone can count. She has five beautiful girls and the most precious "bonus" kids. .....

The name “The Blue Rose Boutique” has a very special meaning that we hope you’ll also grow to love. Brooke’s middle son, Cash, was born with a genetic condition called Down Syndrome. After Cash was born, the Lord was sweet to put people into her path that helped her navigate this new journey. She met precious woman named Emma (who is a part of our little community here) by pure coincidence in 2017 and learned that Emma also had a son with Down Syndrome. Emma told her of an experience they had in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Emma and her family had traveled there for a family vacation and, as they checked into their hotel, the woman at the front desk immediately noticed her son who was with them, referring to him as a “Blue Rose.” Noticing that Emma wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that name, the woman went on to explain that, in Costa Rica, people with Down Syndrome are referred to as “Blue Rose’s” because a Blue Rose is considered to be one of the rarest, most beautiful of all the roses and that this is how people with Down Syndrome were viewed as well. When Emma told Brooke that story, tears immediately fell because she was reminded of the beauty of the gift the Lord had given her in Cash. Just like Cash, we also consider all fof you to be “Blue Rose’s.” We hope your experience here will serve as a constant reminder that you are rare, beautiful, and meant to be cherished to the fullest.

Thank you for being a part of our own little corner of the world. We are so thankful for you!